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Saskatchewan directories on the Internet

Directories can be a great source of genealogical information, complementing census returns, and providing coverage in non-census years. Originally available in print form, they were later copied onto microfiche and microfilm. I have been keeping track of city directories in Western Canada for more than a decade, and have produced three editions of a book listing the ones available on microform.

With more and more of these directories being made available on the Internet, I created this list to help guide researchers to the directories they need. The first version of this list had about 20 directories; now the total in Western Canada has passed 250.

Let's hope there will be many more. This list will be expanded as more directories are posted on web sites.

Unless otherwise indicated, these sites have scanned images of the directory pages.

Henderson's Manitoba and Northwest Territories 1884 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Regina 1885 -- from Library and Archives Canada

Regina 1885 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

McPhillips Saskatchewan 1888 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Moose Jaw 1890 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Henderson's Manitoba and Northwest Territories 1894 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Henderson's Manitoba and Northwest Territories 1897 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Henderson's Manitoba and Northwest Territories 1905 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Henderson's Regina 1919 -- from Peel's Prairie Provinces

The sources:

Peel's Prairie Provinces is the grand-daddy of resources for the Prairies. Records that have been available on microfiche for years are now being digitized placed online. The Peel site has more information about the directories available.

Ourroots.ca has a superb collection of local histories. Better yet, they are all searchable, so finding your family will be easy as can be.

Library and Archives Canada is putting directories online, although the emphasis so far is on Ontario and the Maritimes.

A guide to what is available the old-fashioned way:

Western Canadian Directories on Microfiche and Microfilm
Third edition, published April 2003. By Dave Obee. Expanded and updated -- twice the size of the second edition. This guide lists local directories that have been reproduced in microform, and lets researchers know what to look for. It includes entries for directories covering Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon between 1860 and 1995. Directories are an invaluable resource for the years between censuses, as well as for the later years, where census records are not available, and this guide will help you find them. C$9.95

This book is available on Interlink's Canada page

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