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Travel Smart with Technology

Think ahead:

  • Determine what you need, and where you will find it. The more information you have before you go, the more you will gain.
  • Learn about the area. Use resources such as webcams and Google maps.
  • Make a note of what you already have. Time is money, so avoid duplication.
  • Contact local researchers and archives. The locals know more than you do. Usually.
  • Have realistic expectations. Salt Lake City is unique.
  • Keep your research in context. There is life outside the archives.
  • Geography is key! Genealogical research is impossible without it.

    Things to take with you:

    Digital camera
    Transfer your work to your computer immediately

    Palm or another hand-held digital assistant
    Keep your family tree in your pocket

    GPS receivers
    Record locations around the world

    Extra storage
    Back up your work, because you never know...

    Language references
    Make sure they can understand you!

    Family History Library catalog on CD
    Quick check might save you hours

    Cell phones
    Keep in contact wherever you go

    Things NOT to take with you:

    You can buy most consumer goods wherever you are going. Pack light.

    Key web sites:

    Google's map site
    Find maps and aerial photos from around the world

    Earth Calendar
    Check holidays around the world

    Global Gazetteer
    Find places around the world

    Genealogy and travel

    Packing for a genealogical journey

    Before your trip -- Doing your homework

    Preparing for a genealogical trip

    Genealogy software
    For handhelds

    Roots Magic
    Software includes a to-go option

    Family History Library catalog

    Studley House, Ebberston, Yorkshire
    A Bed and Breakfast with a genealogical twist

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